Privacy policy

At Ignition Forge LLC, we take your privacy very seriously. We live in a time where companies collect data about their customers and mine it to build up profiles that they can then sell to the highest bidder. Often this is done in exchange for seemingly "free" products. The truth is that if you don't pay for a product, you become the product. We don't sell or give your data to anyone.

We believe this is a fundamental violation of your rights to privacy, so we don't provide any "free" products or services. We charge you upfront based on our development and server hosting costs. The only reason we collect data is to back it up for you on our servers so that you don't have to worry about losing your device, and so that you can collaborate with others in using those apps where there is a social component. We also provide you with the ability to permanently delete your account and wipe all of that data from our servers from within our apps. And no, we don't have any secret backups.

Ignition Forge uses third party service providers, and where possible, we have chosen service providers with the best privacy policies. To that end, all of our service providers are paid (or on a free tier if usage is low enough). For example, one of the most popular push notification services available is fully free for developers to use. The catch? They collect data about the users' behavior and sell it, making their code akin to spyware. So we don't use them. We'd rather pay for a service and pass on the cost to you, so you know the true cost of our app and can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase it, rather than make it cheaper or free by stealing your information.

Third party services

Urban Airship

Urban Airship is a push notification service that Ignition Forge use to send out push notifications to our users. The only data Urban Airship knows about you is a number, corresponding to a record in our database about you. Meaning there is no personally identifiable information there. The push notifications that we send also do not contain any personal data. They merely tell the app to refresh the data from our servers, or perform some other action. Here is a link to Urban Airship's privacy policy.


The database that stores app user data, as well as the API layer that sits between the app and the database, are all hosted on Amazon Web Services. The data is encrypted using SSL during transmission, and stored in an encrypted database. Here is a link to AWS's privacy policy.


Ignition Forge does not store your passwords. It's a generally well-accepted principle that you shouldn't implement your own encryption, because it's hard to get it right. So we've chosen to use Auth0. They store your email address and password, and collect some other data, such as which IP you've logged in from. When you delete your account with us, we also make sure to delete your data from Auth0. Here is a link to Auth0's privacy policy.


Should you choose to opt-in through one of our apps, errors and crash-related data will be sent to a third-party service called Bugsnag. They store this data for no more than 30 days. This data includes information about which line of code failed, and the reason why. The only personally identifiable information stored is your email address, to correlate the errors with any feedback you submit. Here is a link to Bugsnag's privacy policy.


SendGrid is an email provider which we use to send any app-related emails to you. The only exception is emails regarding your account, such as the registration confirmation email or when you forget your password. Those are sent out by Auth0, mentioned above. Here is a link to SendGrid's privacy policy.


Stripe is a payment processor that helps us charge users for paid services. When we ask for your payment information, we do not store or even handle that payment information ourselves. It is stored and handled by Stripe in accordance with their privacy policy.

Should you require any more information regarding your data, please get in touch via our contact form.